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What do ExxonMobil, Fox News, and Baen Books all have in common?

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Hard Drive Manufacturers Trick You


When you buy a hard drive, you see the size proudly advertised on the packaging. “1 TB,” it proclaims. Enticed, you buy it. When you take it home, open it, and plug it in, you check the size…and it’s only 931 GB. “What the hell?” you find yourself thinking.

However, the manufacturer did not lie to you at all.

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Baen Books Hype You Up


I was absentmindedly going through Baen Books’ website, just to take a look. I found that virtually every book I clicked on had an exciting description that promised a world of action.

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Writing With Both an Outline and an Impulse

New York Times bestselling author Larey Correia has an excellent post from a few months ago talking about the merits of planning out your story (outlining) versus diving right in (pantsing.)

As for me? I employ a hybrid approach. I plan out the story at first, just to see where it’s going. When I get impatient and want to write the thing, though, I stop the outline in the middle and start pantsing. Quite a satisfying thing, if you ask me.

Nagi Saotome

This young woman illustrates the benefits of not pantsing.

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Comixology Is Garbage

Don’t use Comixology at all. It is the epitome of slow and unreliable.

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State of the Art in the Early Days


40 megabytes.

That’s how large typical hard drives were back in the days when Windows 3.1 was king.

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The Addictiveness and Convenience of Nameko

Last week, Jennifer Dawe (the artist who did the art for my Parasite Lance game) finally convinced me to play Neo Mushroom Garden, one of the “Nameko” mushroom-raising games available for the iOS and other platforms — and I use the term “game” very loosely here, because it is barely a game at all.

Nonetheless, it addicted me.

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